Our Mission


Welcome to our world at the academy where every dream of becoming an all-rounded student-athlete is valid and attainable. As an institution deeply rooted in cultivating excellence, our narrative is unique, weaving together athleticism with academia to create a well-rounded individual ready to take on the world. Our journey is dedicated to those who dare to dream and are ready to go above and beyond to make those dreams a reality.

Our Mission

At the heart of our academy is a mission that resonates with every individual who walks through our doors – to develop student-athletes who are not only remarkable on the field but exceptional in life. Our approach is holistic, focusing on the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of development. This ensures that our athletes are not just prepared for the game but for life’s challenges.

The Wellness Hexagon Initiative

Understanding the importance of a holistic approach, we introduced the Wellness Hexagon, a life skills and leadership program. This comprehensive initiative covers:

  • Physical wellness, ensuring our athletes are at the peak of their physical capabilities.
  • Mental and Emotional wellness, where mental health is prioritized alongside physical health.
  • Social wellness, promoting healthy relationships and team dynamics.
  • Occupational wellness, preparing athletes for life beyond sports.
  • Mindfulness, teaching the importance of staying grounded and present.

This approach ensures that our athletes are well-equipped for the pressures of the sporting world and the demands of daily life beyond their athletic careers.

Athlete-Focused & Coach-Led

Building a Supportive Environment

Our Above and Beyond Training Academy philosophy centers on being athlete-focused and coach-led. This means every decision we make, every program we introduce, and every training session we conduct is with our athletes’ best interests at heart. Our coaches are more than instructors; they are mentors, life coaches, and pivotal figures in our athletes’ lives.

Nurturing Potential

Our dedicated coaching team works tirelessly to unlock the potential within each athlete. By recognizing and nurturing individual talents, we ensure that our student-athletes are not just prepared for any offensive or defensive system globally but are also instilled with the values of discipline, dedication, and determination.

Success-Driven Environment

We are driven by success, but at our academy, success is measured beyond the win-loss column. It’s about the personal growth of our athletes, the pursuit of academic excellence, and the development of life skills that empower our student-athletes to excel in any arena they choose to venture into after their athletic careers.

Family-First Values

Our culture is rooted in a family-first mentality, understanding that the support system around an athlete is crucial to their development. We strive to create a community that not only supports our student-athletes but also embraces their families, creating a nurturing environment conducive to growth and success.

Partner with Us

Our vision is big, but we believe in the power of community and the collective effort of individuals who share our mission. By partnering with us, you’re investing in the future of our student-athletes, providing them with the resources they need to succeed academically, athletically, and personally.

The Journey Matters

We wholeheartedly believe in embracing the journey, with all its challenges, victories, and lessons learned along the way. As famously said by Kobe Bryant, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” Our academy is a testament to this belief, providing a pathway for our student-athletes to pursue their dreams with unyielding passion and determination.


Join our family at the academy and become a part of a transformative experience that goes above and beyond the conventional. Let us guide you on your path to becoming a college-ready individual, unlocking your full potential, and making a lasting impact both on and off the field. Together, let’s build a legacy of excellence, opportunity, and success.

Success-Driven Environment

How Does the Holistic Approach of the Wellness Hexagon Benefit Student-Athletes?

At ABA Academy, we’ve always believed in the power of a holistic development program, and that’s where our Wellness Hexagon initiative comes in. Unlike traditional training programs that focus solely on physical prowess, our approach encompasses six core components: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Occupational, and Mindfulness. This comprehensive strategy ensures our student-athletes are not just at the peak of their physical abilities but also possess the mental and emotional resilience to handle life’s challenges. Think of it like building a house; a strong foundation in these areas is critical to withstand the pressures both on and off the field.

Imagine a scenario where an athlete excels in their sport but struggles with stress management. Our focus on mental and emotional wellness offers them strategies to navigate these challenges, enhancing their performance and overall well-being. This rounded development prepares our athletes not only for success in their sports careers but also in their personal and professional lives after sports. It’s about equipping them with a toolkit for life, and we take pride in the positive feedback we’ve received from our alumni on how these skills have been invaluable.

Are you curious about integrating mindfulness into your daily routine or how to balance sports with personal development? Let us know in the comments.

What Does It Mean to Be “Athlete-Focused and Coach-Led” at ABA Academy?

Being “Athlete-Focused and Coach-Led” is the cornerstone of our philosophy at ABA Academy. This means that every decision, strategy, and program we develop is designed with the athlete’s best interest in mind, guided by the wisdom and leadership of our dedicated coaches. Our coaches are not just trainers; they are mentors, life coaches, and advocates for our athletes. They play an instrumental role in not just improving the athlete’s performance but also in shaping their character and life skills.

Let me give you an example: one of our athletes was struggling with balancing academic commitments and intensive training schedules. Our coaching team stepped in, not just to adjust the training regimen but also to provide guidance on time management and academic support. This holistic support system is what sets us apart – we view success not just by trophies and medals, but by the holistic growth and happiness of our athletes.

Have you experienced a mentor who made a significant impact on your life? We’d love to hear your story.

How Do We Measure Success in a Success-Driven Environment?

At ABA Academy, our definition of success goes far beyond the conventional metrics of wins and losses. We measure success by the personal growth of our athletes, their academic achievements, and the development of life skills that empower them to excel in any arena they choose to venture into after their athletic careers. Success is seen in the resilience of our students, their ability to lead, and their contributions to their communities.

Take, for instance, an athlete who may not finish first in every race but shows remarkable improvement, demonstrates exceptional teamwork, and maintains academic excellence. That’s a success story in our eyes. It’s about personal bests, breaking barriers, and setting new personal records. Our environment fosters a sense of achievement in every small victory, encouraging our athletes to set higher goals for themselves.

What’s your personal definition of success? Share your thoughts with us.

Why Are Family-First Values Integral to ABA Academy’s Culture?

Embedding family-first values into the fabric of ABA Academy’s culture is essential for several reasons. We recognize that the journey of an athlete is not a solo venture but a collective effort involving their family, friends, and our wider community. By fostering a nurturing environment that embraces not just the student-athletes but also their families, we create a supportive and inclusive community conducive to growth and success.

A memorable instance that highlights the importance of this approach was during a family orientation session where the parents of a new athlete expressed their concerns about the balancing act between sports and academics. By involving the family in the development process, providing them with resources and support, we were able to address their concerns and help them see the value of our holistic approach to their child’s development. This inclusive ethos ensures that families are not just spectators in their child’s journey but active participants.

How does your family support your dreams and ambitions? We’re excited to hear your experiences.

What Does Partnering with ABA Academy Entail and Why Is It Important?

Partnering with ABA Academy means joining hands with a visionary institution committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders, both on and off the field. Our partners play a crucial role in supporting our mission by providing the necessary resources, funding, and opportunities for our student-athletes to shine. This collaboration allows us to offer scholarships, state-of-the-art facilities, and innovative programs that might otherwise be inaccessible.

For example, through one of our partnerships, we were able to launch a mental wellness program aimed at helping our athletes cope with pressure and stress effectively. This initiative has had a profound impact on our athletes’ performances and their overall well-being. By investing in ABA Academy, our partners are investing in the future – the future leaders, innovators, and trailblazers who will make a difference in the world.

Are you interested in making a lasting impact in the lives of young athletes? Let’s start a conversation on how we can collaborate.


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