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Mit Spirit of Discovery Coaching erkennen Sie das in sich selbst, was schon immer vorhanden, Ihnen aber noch nicht bewusst war. Sie erfahren, wie Ihre neu erkannten Fähigkeiten optimal zusammenwirken. Dadurch stärken Sie Ihre Wirksamkeit massgeblich. Ihre Selbstkompetenz macht den wesentlichen Unterschied und führt zu nachhaltigem Unternehmenserfolg. Spirit-of-discovery.ch

Dopamin Wirkung


Dopamin ist ein wichtiger chemischer Stoff im Gehirn, der die Stimmung und das Gefühl von Belohnung und Motivation beeinflusst. Er hilft auch bei der Regulierung von Körperbewegungen. Dopamin ist ein chemischer Botenstoff in Ihrem Gehirn. Es ist wichtig für Motivation, Bewegung, Gedächtnis, Stimmung, Schlaf und Verhaltensregulierung. Dopamin steht auch im Mittelpunkt der Funktionsweise des Belohnungssystems des Gehirns. Dopamin belohnt Sie, wenn Sie ein positives Verhalten zeigen, und motiviert Sie, dieses Verhalten zu wiederholen. BrainYdoo

Online Yoga Teacher Training


Online Yoga School

Online yoga teacher training is accessible, affordable, and self-paced at Online Yoga School. If you have a dream of getting certified in yoga, we have the perfect course for you in our remote online yoga school. Learn at your own pace, get certified when you’re ready, and take your training wherever you go- worldwide.

Dna Diet Test


The discovery of the structure of DNA back in 1953, led to our understanding that DNA is the hereditary material and we now know that DNA can be used as a blueprint for life. The use of DNA testing is prevalent in law enforcement, medicine and even commercial endeavors like forensic genealogy. In recent years, a new type of DNA test has been developed that has the potential to revolutionize our diet. Take a free dna diet text on Genomelink to learn more. Genomelink.io

Sports Memorabilia Store


East Coast Sports Collectibles

193 Comeau Cres
Fort McMurray AB T9K 2X6 CA
+1 587 543 0542

If you're looking for a reputable sports memorabilia store, consider checking out East Coast Sports Collectibles to find signed and unsigned sports jerseys from your favorite players. We also sell signed pucks and photographs, all of which come with a Certification of Authenticity that follows the product from player to buyer.

College Admission Counselor Near Me


With video chat sessions from Empowerly, it’s not necessary to locate a college admission counselor near me. Our agents can work with you via video chat to advise you, counsel you on college acceptance, and ensure your application is accepted in one of the top colleges in the US. For more information, get in touch with Empowerly by phone. Empowerly.com

Headshot Houston


Evin Thayer Studios

1520 Center Street #2
Houston TX 77007 US
+1 713-524-0199

Let experienced photographer Allison Wilkins create the perfect professional headshot in Houston to boost your career or professional image. If you’re a realtor, influencer, business owner, or professional, your headshot is your calling card; make sure you put your best foot forward with a terrific looking headshot from Evin Thayer Studios.

Signs She Sleeps Around


Katrina offers a different approach to unraveling difficult, real-life situations in every type of relationship. Most of her clients have chosen to work with me because of the delicate nature of their situation and the level of confidentiality that is needed in their complex situations with all types of relationships. Katrinastarr.com

Private Tutor Vancouver


Musicworks Canada

8120 Beddington Blvd NW Bay 103
Calgary AB T3K 2A8 CA

Have you given any thought about hiring a private tutor in Vancouver to help your child through middle or high school classes? If you’ve noticed poor grades, a lack of enthusiasm in learning, or clear signs that your child or teen is struggling in one or more of their classes, Musicworks Canada offers academic tutoring.

Internet Car Sales Training


Kintz Group

The best in industry internet car sales training by the industry top expert – Tim Kintz. If you are struggling to put together a sales A-team, we are here to help. With in-depth automotive industry expertise, we put together a comprehensive Internet Car Sales Training for newbies and automotive sales executives. Whether you are selling new or used, whether you are a chain or single dealership, our best in industry internet car sales training will help you to strive!

Meeting Venue Edmonton


Cattail Crossing Golf Club

24427 Township Road 542
edmonton AB T8T 1L4 CA
+1 780-973-6686

Check out Cattail Crossing when you need to rent a meeting venue in Edmonton- our expansive event space boasts scenic grounds and full set-up and take down. Get in touch with our event coordinator by calling 780-973-6686 or browse photos of our gorgeous venue online to compare with other local spaces. Cattail Crossing Golf Club

federal firearms license Chicago


Midwest Guns

8565 Plainfield Road
Lyons IL 60534 US

You've found a handgun you'd like to purchase, but the laws in IL prevent you from completing the transaction without a federal firearms license in Chicago. You can purchase or sell under our FFL at Midwest Guns and Range. If you've already obtained your FOID, come in to discuss the transaction with our staff.



Rangeview Sports

You’ll always find the best deal on firearm optics when shopping online at Rangeview Sports. We have the scopes and mounting accessories you’re looking for at prices well below our competition. Save even more when you browse our selection of display models that have been marked down for deep discounts.