Aba Academy

Aba Academy

Introduction to ABA Academy

At ABA Academy, we pride ourselves on being a premier institution that is not only Athlete Focused but Coach Led and Success Driven. Our fundamental objective is to cultivate a nurturing co-learning community tailored to the aspirations and needs of the families and student-athletes we are privileged to serve. In our journey to develop collegiate-level student-athletes, we uphold a holistic approach, emphasizing not just athletic prowess but educational excellence and personal growth.

Applied Behavior Analysis and ABA Therapy in Sports

Embracing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is at the core of our coaching methodology. By integrating ABA techniques, we empower our student-athletes to understand and enhance their behaviors on and off the field. ABA therapy, traditionally used in autism education and behavioral health, is innovatively applied at our academy to foster discipline, focus, and adaptability among our athletes.

The Role of Autism Education and Behavior Intervention

Understanding the spectrum of learning and behavioral needs is essential in crafting an inclusive and supportive environment. Behavior Intervention strategies are adapted to meet individual needs, ensuring every student-athlete receives personalized support. Our commitment to autism education underscores our belief in the potential of every student-athlete, regardless of their learning profile.

Special Education and Behavioral Health

Our philosophy extends beyond conventional athletic training to embrace comprehensive developmental approaches. Incorporating Special Education principles and Behavioral Health practices, we guarantee a learning environment that acknowledges and supports diverse learning and emotional needs, fostering an atmosphere of empathy and understanding.

Curriculum Development and ABA Techniques

At the heart of ABA Academy is an innovative Curriculum Development process that infuses ABA techniques with athletic training. This curriculum is meticulously designed to enhance both the physical and cognitive skills of our student-athletes, engendering a balanced growth that prepares them for success in sports and life.

Behavioral Assessments and Professional Development

Behavioral Assessments are a critical tool in our coaching arsenal, providing invaluable insights into the progress and areas of improvement for our student-athletes. These assessments inform personalized training plans and interventions, ensuring every athlete can achieve their highest potential. Moreover, Professional Development for our coaching staff is a continuous priority, equipping them with the latest techniques and knowledge to best support our athletes’ growth.

The Wellness Hexagon: A Life Skills and Leadership Initiative

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Well-being
  • Social Skills
  • Occupational Awareness
  • Mindfulness Practices

Our unique Wellness Hexagon program educates student-athletes on the six core components of Whole Health, emphasizing a balanced approach to personal development. This initiative is fundamental in preparing our student-athletes not just for the challenges of athletic competition, but for a fulfilling and successful life.

Joining ABA Academy

At ABA Academy, we are deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of student-athletes. Our doors are always open to families and students eager to embark on a transformative journey towards academic and athletic excellence. By joining ABA Academy, you’re not just choosing an institution for athletic training; you’re choosing a pathway to success, guided by values of family, excellence, and perseverance.

Invest in Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our mission to empower student-athletes to reach their full potential is supported by the generous contributions of our donors. By investing in ABA Academy, you are contributing to the development of well-rounded individuals who will lead with integrity, passion, and excellence. Together, we can shape a brighter future for our student-athletes, equipping them with the skills to excel both on the field and in the wider world.


In the words of the legendary Kobe Bryant, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” At ABA Academy, we embody this philosophy, dedicating ourselves to guiding our student-athletes through a journey of personal and athletic development. Our commitment is to not only nurture their talents but to instill life-long values that pave the way for success in every endeavor. Join us in this journey, and let us help you unlock your full potential, setting a clear direction for your future.

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