ABA Academy

We support and guide the student-athlete at each phase of their development with the ultimate goal of finding their true self to succeed in their sport and life.

Statement of Philosophy

ABA Academy was started by Above & Beyond Athletics, a non-profit entity, that levels the educational playing field by providing elite college preparatory athletic and academic enrichment to student-athletes from all economic backgrounds.

Based out of Southern California, ABA Academy offers committed student-athletes top-level exclusive athletic training, academic support and life skills training.  ABA Academy ensures that each student-athlete is armed with the knowledge and skill sets to be college, career, and life ready.

We intend for ABA Academy to:

1. Guide students to maximize their creativity.

2. Provide a community that instills and demands discipline.

3. Promote the power of kindness.

4. Increase the capacity of critical-thinking in each student-athlete.

5. Drive passion and create purpose.

6. Develop grit.

ABA Academy Design

ABA Academy ensures that each student-athlete is armed with the knowledge and skill sets to be college, career, and life ready.

Co-Learning Community

Families coming together to learn and capitalize on the resources and experiences offered based on the needs of their student-athlete.

A. A community of families united to create the best possible athletic, academic, and life plans for their children.

B. Provide an ecology of services organized to support families in their journey to develop their student-athlete.

Personalized Approach/Mastery

ABA Academy utilizes a personalized approach for academic, athletic and overall development.

Parent/Guardian Support

We require each parent/guardian to take an active role in their student-athlete’s development.  Parents will see real progress and work with our dedicated coaches to keep their student-athletes on track in each phase of their development.

Year Round Professional Skill and Performance Development

Our sport-specific training is led by our Basketball Development and Performance Coaches. Our distinguished team of coaches utilizes a curriculum that develops youth players into professionals through our progressive training program. Student-athletes within our Academy will have an ongoing testing curriculum to ensure proper progression. We utilize innovation, advanced training methods, forward thinking, and schemes that guarantee athletic advancements and healthy athletes. ABA student- athletes will be prepared for elite level of competition.

Social Component/Mentorship

Our Co-Learning community provides the opportunity to share ideas, compare experiences, and have fun growing together. We also schedule gatherings, activities, and field trips that are academic and athletic based.

ABA student-athletes will have the opportunity to develop a mentor/mentee relationship with our business-athlete ambassadors and mentors.

Wellness Hexagon

The Wellness Hexagon is our life skills and leadership program that will educate the student-athletes on the 6 core components of whole health: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Occupational and Mindfulness. Each core component has its own course taught in the classroom. The goal of the Wellness Hexagon is that at the end of the course each student-athlete is equipped with enough information to make educated and rational decisions in regards to all aspects of their health. Student-athletes will also develop key skill sets and practices that will promote good health across all areas of life.