International Cultural Exchange Initiative

Skills and Tools needed to fight inequalities that affect communities daily.

We believe that the power of education, sports and community can help end poverty in our communities, both domestically and internationally. Our International Education & Athletic Initiative was created to give children the education, skills, and tools they need to fight the inequalities that affect them daily.

What We Do

1. Sports Empowerment Program

  • a. Build/renovate athletic facility and/or provide sports skills camps/tours
  • b. Provide sets of equipment
  • c. Provide training/resources to teachers/coaches on the benefits of Sports, Health and Wellness
  • d. Provide student-athletes with strategies to focus on life, social, and emotional skills

2. School Bridge Program

  • a. Internationally bridge ABA Academy with their local school.
  • b. Provide enrichment curriculum and resources to school.
  • c. Email exchange program that’ll improve understanding of cultures, build relationships and an appreciation for global diversity.
  • d. Gifted student-athletes have an opportunity to study in America.

3. Community Strengthening Program

  • a. Collective Impact Model-Work with current schools (government and private), parents, and students that are dealing with the most difficult barriers.
  • b. Build/Renovate classroom, bathrooms, and improve ability to receive clean water.
  • c. Provide textbooks, materials, train teachers/coaches and give necessary support.
  • d. Develop comprehensive strategy that strengthens the community unit by working with parents to equip them with the skills needed to break out of poverty and value education.

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