Overnight Diving Charters To Dry Tortugas

Leave the city stress behind you and bring your family and friends to enjoy a thrilling experience with overnight diving to Dry Tortugas. At YKnot Charters, we aim to create enjoyable memories while you explore the marvels of marine life.

Can you scuba dive without being certified?

You can scuba dive with no certification, but it is dangerous to dive alone or if you are not prepared. It will be unlikely to find any diving center that will not give you training on the safety rules before allowing you to jump into the water.

Buying diving equipment is not a problem since you do not need a license or certificate for this. However, if you want to dive, you must learn how to do it to avoid any injuries or accidents. Our PADI instructors will give you vital guidelines and make sure that you understand the pros and cons, so that you will have a pleasurable and safe experience.

Benefits of overnight diving to Dry Tortugas

Scuba diving is an enjoyable physical activity known for the adrenaline boost given to your system. However, not many individuals are aware of the health benefits of diving:

  • Improving strength and flexibility – while moving through the water, your muscles are working harder than outside, mainly because of water resistance. You will strengthen your core, which is ideal for your posture.
  • Better breathing – underwater, you will exercise slower and deeper breathing essential to optimizing your air consumption. This type of breathing will also reduce your heart rate, inducing a general state of calm.
  • Lowering the blood pressure – the adrenaline and the contact with the cold water may create a spike in your heart rate. While your body adjusts to the outside temperature, and you start to warm up, your heart rate and your blood pressure will reduce as a result.
  • Increase the fitness -repeated legs movement to beat the water resistance will force your muscles to work harder, so you will get fitter.
  • Healing effects of the water – being immersed in water is similar to babies being in their mothers’ womb. The security and joy you will experience will resurface in your mind curing your nervous system. Also, the salt in the water will dehydrate your body, forcing you to drink more water, which again is healthy for your body.
  • Exposure to sunlight – will create the vitamin D essential for the calcium and phosphorus absorption to your bones and teeth.
  • Stress reliever – breathing during diving is deeper and slower, similar to the breathing while meditating. This will induce a state of calm while the underwater surrounding will divert your thoughts to the beautiful things you see, rather than the daily issues.

Can you scuba dive every day?

Many professional divers do this as part of their daily routine so, yes, it is possible to dive daily. We know that diving is addictive, especially overnight diving to Dry Tortugas.

Obviously, the more you dive, the better for your body and mind. Just make sure to stay fit, and we, at YKnot Charters, will wait for your next trip.

Overnight Diving Charters To Dry Tortugas

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