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Anyone will tell you that physical activity of any kind can be a whole lot healthier than just sitting around. You also know that not every form of physical activity is equal, and boxing happens to be one of the more physically demanding activities as a whole. Not only will your muscles be getting a workout, but you will also be maximizing the use of your lungs and heart. If you want to be able to get an amazing workout while learning more about this classic sport, you can look into your option for boxing classes in Vancouver.

Fat Loss

You will usually see that most every boxer is rather physically fit and lean. Boxers tend to have less fat on their bodies because this is known as a weight-class sport where you will be in a class with other people that are the same weight that you are. A boxer will also be much leaner than most because you can burn just under 1,000 calories with about half an hour of intense boxing. Even if you are looking to gain weight, you are going to face quite a challenge because so much of your energy will be used for training.


As mentioned, boxing is a physically demanding sport where you only have a rest in between rounds that last for a minute. This is usually just enough time for the competitors to catch a breath. Throwing the punches and the intense breathing helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system over a period of time. The healthier your lungs and heart, the healthier your body is as a whole.


When snapping out punches, the muscles in the upper and lower portion of your body are getting used. These muscles are being pushed to the extreme to help you gain maximum speed and power to get the results you are looking for. This can be a major advantage for your health and wellness over the long run because improved muscle mass can prevent a variety of health conditions while also working to prolong your life expectancy.

Are you hoping to get into a sport like boxing to build up your health while also having a new activity to enjoy? If so, you will see that signing up for boxing classes in Vancouver is a wonderful option. Instead of putting on a video where you try to learn on your own, you will have the professional guidance that you need to ensure you have the moves and the training that you need. Finding the right gym can make all the difference in the world, which is where Griffins Boxing can help.

Instead of joining a typical boxing gym, taking boxing classes in Vancouver at Griffins Boxing will open up a new community for you. We have a diverse range of members who come to us to have fun while sweating and learning all about the sport that they love. If you are interested in taking some classes, we invite you to come by for a tour and to watch a class so that you can learn more about what we have to offer.

Boxing Classes Vancouver

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Boxing Classes Vancouver

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